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I adore this photo.  Her posture, the t-shirt that harkens to the Godfather, the chair, the grandparents, the toys.  It’s the kind of photo that you cannot plan, it just creeps up and grabs you.

I have so many photos of this little lady as a toddler, the apple of her parent’s eye.  I love so many, but this one cracks me up!

So, I’ve said I am always after a sort of quintessential portrait of your child’s stage in life.  Well, this was a gorgeous set of sisters who were egging each other on, sometimes to my benefit and other times, well, they were having fun.  But I loved this photo.  A total picture of this little girl before ‘tween or teen or adolescence came.  Just having fun.

I love this photo.  A tiny new baby.  Total love.  Complete exhaustion.  Reconfiguring your family.

I remember this shoot so well–a mother’s day present for a mom who did not have any family photos.

This little one was so precocious, and so adored, that we played for way too long.  The house had a couple of magical playrooms and we had so much fun in all of them.

Another early session.  These guys have a third baby who is one now.

But this time they were expecting a second son, and the first one sort of understood what was going on, but still had a lot of wonder and excitement about what would be coming down the road.

We did another maternity shoot a few years later for their third, a girl.  Working with families over time is the BESTEST.  Such a privilege.

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