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a month of favorites–day 2 {brookline family photographer}

This face.  I always tell parents that I love pictures where the kids are serious, because you can see them so much better–smiles are great, but this photo, for me, is the one I’d keep going back to–quintessential photo of her first year.

Classic is timeless.

a month of favorites–day 1 {brookline child photographer}

This month I am going to post a favorite photo every day.  I have lots more than 31 favorites, but I wanted to highlight some of the photos that really show the things most burrow into my heart when I see them in print.  Here’s what they have in common:

Connection. They mirror so much love.


Timeless–they are images that will be cherished for generations.  Ones that I can imagine hanging in the homes of grandchildren.  The photo you gaze at for decades.

I’m that woman who stares on the T.  I love your face.  It’s a completely unique natural wonder.  Those who have commissioned me to capture their faces and those of their loved ones, well, I am humbled and grateful.

Let’s start with some older stuff this week.

I’ll never forget this mom when she saw this photo.  Her face lit up and she looked at me and said, “wow, he REALLY loves me.”  The baby is going to be five this year, but this photo still hangs prominently in their house:

the picture lady {brookline family photographer}

These five nearly always cap my holiday season.  They squeeze into the schedule between games, practices, school, playdates, and birthday parties.

We’ve been shooting on their front porch for five years.  The first time, the littlest guy was still just an idea and a little bump.  Now he’s the apple of the whole family’s eye and more than able to hold his own with his brothers.  The middle guy remembers me from year to year with no prompt, calls me “the picture lady” and does his best to cooperate despite not being so comfortable in front of the camera by himself.  Give him a brother and he can rock and roll!  And the biggest one, well, I remember him swaddled and sleepy on couches as a tiny baby.  He is usually the last child out–taking great care to look his best and getting longer and more handsome every year!  The three of them are really becoming brothers–a force to be reckoned with all on their own.

This mama glows with the love that these four have for her.  They cling to her and climb on her and she absorbs the fun and lets the rest roll off her back.  Dad is the trouble-maker of the bunch, poking the kids just as we have them settled down, teasing and rough-housing and smiling all the while.

I always look forward to seeing these five.  It’s chaotic and loving and wonderful.  Every year there’s an intent to leave the porch, and every year we fail.  This is where they are at home and comfortable, it’s full of history, and it has served us so well. There are lots of different kinds of favorite shoots, and this is certainly one of mine, every year.

Who is the cutest?

transitions {brookline maternity photographer}

I just love these guys. Even the little one who no one had yet met.

Since infants are not stressful enough, these guys decided to buy a house and undertake renovations. No stress there either. BUT it immediately occurred to me that we could have some super fun, unique photo opportunities–I mean if all the walls need painting, well then we might as well make it worth their while! And a house with all light and no furniture. Dreamy.

Not to mention a super cute family, a beautiful baby belly, and a super excited older brother. I have to admit, maternity shoots are so much more fun with an older child. I think pregnant ladies look incredible, expecting couples have a special kind of connection; and I love to photograph them, but a shoot is super special when there is another child there waiting for a brother or sister.

This time I brought paint. And we reinforced with ferocity that on this ONE time ONLY we could draw all over the walls. It was so much fun.













sibling love & silly faces {needham family photographer}

I love it when people who have older children call me.  Although the it seems that the changes in the children slow down, if you look year to year there really is a big difference.

These two were spirited and talkative and joyful from first shot to last.  They had a lot of [great] ideas for shots and were seriously bursting with love for their parents and, ultimately, eachother.  I just loved watching them run and jump and play and make silly faces.  They made the whole shoot so easy for me.   And, I’m pretty sure that they helped make the results fairly awesome for their parents.

Thanks for the fun, guys.  I really love your photos!

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