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So, I’ve said I am always after a sort of quintessential portrait of your child’s stage in life.  Well, this was a gorgeous set of sisters who were egging each other on, sometimes to my benefit and other times, well, they were having fun.  But I loved this photo.  A total picture of this little girl before ‘tween or teen or adolescence came.  Just having fun.

I love this photo.  A tiny new baby.  Total love.  Complete exhaustion.  Reconfiguring your family.

I remember this shoot so well–a mother’s day present for a mom who did not have any family photos.

This little one was so precocious, and so adored, that we played for way too long.  The house had a couple of magical playrooms and we had so much fun in all of them.

Another early session.  These guys have a third baby who is one now.

But this time they were expecting a second son, and the first one sort of understood what was going on, but still had a lot of wonder and excitement about what would be coming down the road.

We did another maternity shoot a few years later for their third, a girl.  Working with families over time is the BESTEST.  Such a privilege.

This face.  I always tell parents that I love pictures where the kids are serious, because you can see them so much better–smiles are great, but this photo, for me, is the one I’d keep going back to–quintessential photo of her first year.

Classic is timeless.

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