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The eternal pose of a new baby.  It’s pretty enchanting when they reach up for you.

Since I don’t shoot weddings, I rarely get to shoot engagement sessions.  This was an exception–these two were being married far away and needed an engagement session, so their mom called me.  I met them early one weekend morning in the Arb.  They were so in love, so happy to have found one another.  I asked them how they met, and they told me it was in a dance class.  So, we went to an empty patch of forest and I asked them to dance.  It was magic.

Selecting a favorite of these girls is nearly impossible.  I have been working with this family for five years.  Sessions start and end with big hugs, and I look forward to seeing them each and every year.  When we started there was just one 6 month old little girl in a blue dress, the next year there was a three month old swimming in the same blue dress next to her sister.  I love them so much.

So, here is one of many favorites of these two.

I always want a silhouette in a maternity shoot.  I find the profile so fantastically beautiful.

A river nearby, a loving family, nature, perfect light, there is nothing more to wish for in a shoot.


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