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a month of favorites–day 12 {west roxbury newborn photographer}

These two are kind of known to wear their hearts on their sleeves, so I was super excited to do a newborn shoot, where I was sure that love would be pouring from the images.  As you can see, I was not disappointed.

a month of favorites–day 11 {brookline children’s photographer}

Most often repeated response when proof slide shows go out:  “Oh my goodness!!  I didn’t think you got anything.  Little ______ wasn’t cooperating at all and now I cannot imagine how I will ever choose from all these incredible photos!”

In the case of the shoot below, that was definitely the case.  This little girl was (and is, I’ve seen her since!) her own person with her own ideas.  She quickly learned not to look at me.  But, honestly, that’s her–smart, willful, and TWO.  So I just followed her anyway, and I got this series, which I love.  And it hangs in a prominent place in their house many years later.

a month of favorites–day 10 {brookline family photographer}

Almost one third down already.

Daddies and daughters are a special combination. This dad is lucky enough to have three.  At the end of the session they were horsing around in some fun light and the sheer delight is something to behold.

a month of favorites–day 9 {needham family photographer}

Happy birthday to these beauties (today they are THREE!), a flash back to your 6 month shoot.

Always dressed in gorgeous handmade sweaters from their bubbies.

Another photo that offers some comic relief.  They hadn’t quite gotten the hang of sitting up at this time.  Now you can barely catch them.

Time flies, have photos taken.

a month of favorites–day 8 {needham family photographer}

I adore this photo.  Her posture, the t-shirt that harkens to the Godfather, the chair, the grandparents, the toys.  It’s the kind of photo that you cannot plan, it just creeps up and grabs you.

I have so many photos of this little lady as a toddler, the apple of her parent’s eye.  I love so many, but this one cracks me up!

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