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a month of favorites–day 23 {brookline family photographer}

Sometimes the best things are the simplest.  Everyone you love in a place you love, being themselves, together.

These five.  I have no words.  Some of my most favorite images have been of these guys–and having year after year of them–well, that’s a special gift.  I imagine a time, far in the future where the children who will be born to these three have a book of images of their dad and uncles (and grandparents) growing up on the steps of their old house.  And that those images are so filled with love.  That’s why I do this fantastic job, because there is nothing more valuable than these images.

a month of favorites–day 22 {cambridge newborn photographer}

I offer a package that you can buy including three shoots over the first year of a child’s life.  Most people buy this for the first year, but really, any year could be great.

This special family bought a package for their little girl’s first year.  They also did a maternity shoot for themselves.  The dad is a musician and he brought his guitar on all the shoots.  He sang to the baby during the time she was on the inside and never stopped.  She is still mesmerized by his singing and guitar.  It was so special to have musical moments on all our shoots and remains a wonderful bond for this family.

You can see, even from a few weeks old, she was a giant fan!

a month of favorites–day 21 {brookline senior photographer}

I don’t do a ton of seniors–I’d love to do more, so if those gray backdrops and fake smiles aren’t working for you, give me a call!!  But I did have the privilege of photographing this gorgeous young woman and her sister on the campus of Wellesley College.

I loved this shot in particular:

a month of favorites–day 17 {brookline family photographer}

The look of concentration of a new walker.  This little one would *not* be contained–the world was her oyster and she was on the hunt for some pearls!  So much fun to watch her parents beam with pride (and some concern) as she navigated her way around the park.

P.S.  for some reason, purple is an always great color to be photographed in…  Just in case you were wondering what to wear.

a month of favorites–day 19 {brookline children’s photographer}

The eternal pose of a new baby.  It’s pretty enchanting when they reach up for you.

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