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So hard to pick a favorite from this shoot.  These two girls were full of love and I couldn’t resist them.  We had so much fun they were asking for more photos for days after we finished the shoot.  If they had asked me rather than their mom, it’s likely there would have been lots more photos.



A classic.  This little one (and her twin) will be six in a few weeks.  Where does the time go.  How gorgeous is she–then and now.

I have a number of photos just like this one, where I imagine the little one knowing that they are the star of the show.  And laughing to themselves about how little they have done to garner such absolute adoration.  Sometimes, when I know the parents pretty well too, I can see that the smiles have gotten just a little wider as this new person has burrowed into their heart.

Such is the case here:

Parents always want the perfect photo of the kids together, smiling, looking at the camera. I like the challenge of these photos, but, in truth, I usually prefer the photos that include the parents. The more connections, the more emotion, the better. If you feel, like some parents, that you are “not photogenic” or “never like yourself in pictures” I offer this advice. Look at your children. You will then have the most broad, most engaging smile. And that child will have, forever, the evidence of their parents’ absolute love for them.

Like here:

These ladies won a complementary shoot via a contest that I ran a few years back.  I loved this shoot because I never have the opportunity to shoot a group of grown up women, no kids, just celebrating the family that they have chosen to create together.

Since the time of this shoot, I have been loosely in touch with a couple of the women.  They have had so many more life events, joyful and devastating, to love one another though durning the last 2 1/2 years.  But the thing is, that’s life, and that’s why these sorts of families and connections are so critical to cultivate.

If you have a friend group

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