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You might have noticed the abundance of twins on this blog. I think that I have photographed at least half a dozen pairs. It is representative of Massachusetts’s number one ranking for multiple births. Every time I see all those arms and legs, I think about having all that moving around inside of you, and I feel such admiration for these moms. Not to mention what it takes to care for them once they are on the outside!

This latest pair might be my first boy-boy set. They are just precious and it seems to me as I look through the photos that I can almost see their bigger person personalities shining through. ‘I’ is a little bigger than his brother and a little tougher. He was in a sleepy mood the day that I was there and we even had to wake the baby, breaking the cardinal rule of parenting new-born twins. His individual shots have *attitude* and he is just shy of two months! Littler guy, L, he was full of fun faces and winning expressions. He looked at the camera and his Moma and seemed to already be observing what was going on around him.

These guys really have a beautiful and kind mom. She looked radiant despite what I am sure has been a roller coaster few months. They also have and a fun, gruff dad who is really a teddy bear, I could see it. They both love them so much but would not mind slightly more sleep. Grandma and Auntie have been lending a hand to get these sweet boys off to a great start–and these two little guys are keeping 4 adults running!

Family’s first baby

The hair, those lips, the adorable expressions can overshadow the winning personality of this little girl. We have seen her before, here and here. But now she is TWO and weeks away from a promotion to big sister. S is a great talker and quite a ham. She adores her parents and they cannot get enough of her either.

We had so much fun taking pictures. She showed me where she inherited her infectious smile by eliciting them from her mom constantly. She is so smart, she knew exactly when she needed a break and made sure she got it (kids know how to make pictures stop working very young, it amazes me always), but she perked up again when her dad came home for the final shots.

In the meantime she showed off her physical prowess and the exuberance she has for life–it extends all the way down to ends of her curls.

Miss S, it is my distinct pleasure to watch you grow and I know that you are going to be one great big sister. I can tell you from personal experience, a sister is a really special gift. I cannot wait to meet her too! The love in this family will grow exponentially with their new addition.

First, have you seen these? Because they are worth a gander.

But those are only two of the four that make this family fabulous.

We had a bunch of fun–I mean how can you miss on a perfect summer morning on the beach with a spirited family? A was READY, she was the perfect model. She was so anxious to be cooperative that I had to encourage her to talk to me a little, helping her to release a vibrant “real” smile. It really was not hard–especially when she her parents were nearby or chatting with her. Little guy B, he wanted me to work for my money, but with shining eyes and a mischievous grin, it was completely worth the chase. He was a Daddy devotee during the shoot–as you can see by his placement in most of the photos.

This is a family who loves music–so we even shot ourselves an album cover. See if you can identify the inspiration.

Thanks H family, I hope that you love your portraits!

In the past I have not had many families redeem the gift certificates that I have donated to different charities or schools. But not this season–there have been so many calls from families with gift certificates. I am thrilled that the non-profits have been able to earn some money while giving their supporters the best presents ever, memories.

Well, this mom might very well need these photos to remember this time in her life, because with three sons to run after freezing time might be the only way to make sure that she gets clear image of these great faces.

R is the oldest–missing his front teeth, which reminded me–why doesn’t EVERYONE get photos when their teeth are missing? Really, with any luck the kids will sport that look only once in their life, so memorialize it. So cute. You’ll see. He was active, the ring leader for sure, and such a sense of humor! T, the middle guy, is gentle and loving toward his brothers–he saw his camera and immediately ran to get his own. And the little guy, G, he just wants to be able to keep up with the older ones so desperately. They were so sweet with him, including him as much as they could in their games.

Each little guy has his own look–and together they are an adorable, active crew!

NOTE: I have done a few families with three boys, but I cannot remember doing a sitting for a family with [only] three girls. If you are such a family and you are the first to contact me, I will give you a 1/2 price sitting! Be in touch! I would love to photograph your lovelies…

Wow, well that was fun.  Thank you to everyone who voted and especially to those who nominated these four wonderful families.

There was suspense in the votes, it went back and forth a bit, but in the end the winner of the free family shoot is:  The Glorious Ladies of the Potluck from Jamaica Plain!


These ladies read the nominations and rallied their friends, but in the end they felt that they wanted to concede the photo shoot to the family in Lexington who lost all of their possessions in the house fire.  As they told me, “We don’t feel right enjoying this–despite the fact that we would treasure these photos–taking the shoot when there is a family who has lost everything.”

In recognition of this generosity I would like to gift both families with a photo shoot.  The Lexington family will win the grand prize  of a family photo shoot and portrait package worth up to $1000 and the GLOP will also win a shoot and some photos for their family members so that everyone will have portraits that reflect back to them the treasures in their lives.

I will definitely be doing this annually, so keep your ears open for some good nominees.  And congratulations to everyone who participated.

P.S.  May is filling up–if you want a spring sitting, please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your spot!  Use the “Write Lisa” link above to send me an email.

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