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Well, as I have said before, families of two girls invariably remind me of my own family of origin.  And every time I see siblings together I recall how much younger children look up to and want to emulate their older siblings.  It is almost a axiom of nature.  In my family I was the oldest.

These beautiful sisters are no exception.  In these cases the best strategy is usually to engage the oldest in order to make the youngest desperate to work with me rather than resistant.  Works nearly every time.  E was a little shy when I arrived so A had a “private shoot” while E got ready for her own portraits.  In the end, wow, they were both so much fun to play around with and photograph.  A was contemplative and revealing and E was a little ham.  Then there were the boots!  I generally prefer barefeet, when these girls came out in their boots I was swooning.  Kids wearing either hats or boots, you can’t really get any cuter.

And after everyone had warmed up and gotten their glamour on, we moved to family photos.  These are Daddy’s girls who want their mom to stay real close too.  They love piggy back rides and sitting in laps–and most of all, these sisters really love one another!

Enjoy, I sure did.

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In the past I have not had many families redeem the gift certificates that I have donated to different charities or schools. But not this season–there have been so many calls from families with gift certificates. I am thrilled that the non-profits have been able to earn some money while giving their supporters the best presents ever, memories.

Well, this mom might very well need these photos to remember this time in her life, because with three sons to run after freezing time might be the only way to make sure that she gets clear image of these great faces.

R is the oldest–missing his front teeth, which reminded me–why doesn’t EVERYONE get photos when their teeth are missing? Really, with any luck the kids will sport that look only once in their life, so memorialize it. So cute. You’ll see. He was active, the ring leader for sure, and such a sense of humor! T, the middle guy, is gentle and loving toward his brothers–he saw his camera and immediately ran to get his own. And the little guy, G, he just wants to be able to keep up with the older ones so desperately. They were so sweet with him, including him as much as they could in their games.

Each little guy has his own look–and together they are an adorable, active crew!

NOTE: I have done a few families with three boys, but I cannot remember doing a sitting for a family with [only] three girls. If you are such a family and you are the first to contact me, I will give you a 1/2 price sitting! Be in touch! I would love to photograph your lovelies…

So, now that we have talked about the idea that your photographs are not actually for you, I want to put my money where my mouth is. I want you to think about your favorite photo–perhaps it is of your grandmother or your dad; maybe it’s a wedding photo, your child as an impish two year old, or, perhaps, you are in it–with someone who loves you with their whole heart.

Now imagine not having that photo.

That would stink, huh?

Well, here is your opportunity to give someone else the photo of a lifetime–nominate their family to win a FREE sitting with Portraits by Lisa.

Think of all the people you know: perhaps a single mom who dedicates her life to her children, a family who has faced unemployment, a veteran’s family, a friend with a new baby, grandparents raising their grandchildren–there is no end to the reasons families can be nominated.

The lucky winning family will receive a completely complementary shoot and portrait collection.

Here are the details:

* Any family in the greater Boston area is eligible.
* Nominations should clearly explain why this particular family needs/deserves/would delight in a photo session with Portraits by Lisa.
* You can nominate your own family.
* Nominations should be no more than one page in length and should be submitted directly to me at lisa@portraitsbylisa.com
* Nominations must include the name, phone, and email address of the nominator to be considered.
* Nominations must be received by March 18 at midnight EST.
* If you nominate a family who is not your own, you will also win a complementary portraiture sitting (not transferrable).

I will review the nominees and choose finalists. These stories will then be posted to my blog. The finalist receiving the most votes will win a photo shoot in the location of their choice (within 30 miles of Boston) and a customized portrait collection to hang as well as photos to give to relatives. The retail value of the prize is up to $1000.

You never know who will nominate the winner! Please spread the word about this opportunity to your friends and colleagues. Any one of them could know the winning family.

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I look forward to receiving your nominations!

All the best,

Children’s age and the number of photos taken of them are inversely correlated in my experience. Remember back to the days of film (if you are old enough to recall) and you will remember that one roll could last the better part of a year. When you took the roll in to be developed there were invariably a few photos that you never anticipated in the prints. Or you would have this Halloween mixed with last Christmas and Easter. Even with digital, the number of good photos of children as they get older definitely dwindles.

But it pays to keep shooting–every year–no matter how many pleas to stop. Because there is a magic time where you can actually see the child disappearing and the young adult emerging. It is like watching the baby become the child. Sometimes it is an awkward metamorphosis. However, NOT in the case of these lovelies.

Their mom was prompted to call by the impending right of passage known as braces. Ugh. I can relate to that un-fun element of growing up, but I think that H is going to weather the storm pretty fantastically. Perfect teeth are only going to add to her adorable appearance. She was a great model, full of enthusiasm and a gentle nature that was evident in the way she dealt with all the animals. Yes, did I mention that this shoot included not only two adorable ‘tweens, but a few horses and goats as well as a exuberant labrador named Lucy? H is fearless–with a serious glimmer in her eyes that shows her spirit.

C is her brother. A little more cautious. A little more serious. A little mischievous. I have a bunch of shots of him biting his lip to the side contemplating the next funny face he would make to cause his mom to groan about getting a few good photos. But bring Lucy or the goats around and the real ease and smiles emerged. He also secretly likes his sister a lot, and, I am sure it would pain her to admit it, but she loves him too. It was all over the photos.

I had such a good time visiting their beautiful homestead on a gorgeous nearly fall day. I think that you will be able to tell. I can see a wall of beautiful images in here, can you?

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