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I spent a chunk of my childhood living outside Washington, D.C.; where my father grew up and where his family still lived. My grandparents were there and my father’s two brothers and all my first cousins–and in the middle of that line up was me, my sister, and K. There was only one boy–older–not so interested in our games, and another girl who followed, years behind, who we nearly kissed to death as a baby. But us, the middle three, we were tight.

Fast forward a few years. The cousins have spread across the country and the family gatherings are more sparse. But those early experiences bind.

K was an exuberant kid and is no less charming and warm as an adult. She is always pursuing a new project, is a talented freelance graphic designer (see her work HERE), and generally projects enthusiasm for whatever life throws her way. (Fun fact: last week life threw her some BIG fun when Oprah’s producers called and invited her to be in the audience for what turned out to be O’s FAVORITE THINGS–and K got a cameo shot from the audience) But, by far, her favorite place to be is near her boys.

Ten years ago she married D, who is quietly smart and more reserved, but no less warm than K. He is easy and fun to be around. A great counterpoint to the, well, let’s call it, over-enthusiasm, that can be characteristic of K and my extended family. Together they had two boys, B and ‘lil K. B is older and a little more like his dad. Always thinking, totally handsome, and wicked smart. ‘Lil K is a flashback for me. He is us as kids. He is so completely a Seidel that I often joke with that K has given birth to her own dad. He looks just like our family (and his mom and grandfather) and is more goofy and a bigger showman than his brother. Both of them can crack me up and they are the ones who make their parents smile most broadly.

This shoot was K’s 40th birthday gift. She was excited, but when you see how photogenic and gorgeous these four are, you will realize that this was really a prize that I gave myself. It was so much fun to spend some time with them, chat with the boys, and watch them have fun together. And finally, to reflect their obvious love right back at them.

Happy Birthday K–I hope that you love your photos! I love you guys!

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