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Meet E–a 10 month old who can run! And she came ready to show off. Her mom said that after an infancy marked by major activity from the start as well as early advances in motor skills, last week E decided to get up on her feet and MOVE for real. And she is a very fast learner!

She was zipping around the park and about all we could do to keep her in one place was to try to get her to walk up the hill instead of down, but I don’t think that will be a problem for long.  Her mom was busy trying to corral all of that glorious toddler energy (where does that go in adulthood anyway?), while dad was gentle and always attentive to E’s safety as she navigated the world on her own two feet.

We tried to fool E into some family photos by entertaining her on slides, swings, and shoulders.  And as a prize we were often rewarded with her winning smile, which gives new definition to smiling all the way to your eyes.  She really beams.

And, for those of you who have asked, this mom did a super job of dressing little E–deep color, beautiful texture, interesting buttons, but nothing to take your gaze away from her gorgeous little face, as though that were even possible.


So, folks call.  They want to know where we should shoot.  What’s a good location?  I have a two pronged response:  the place your kids/family feel comfortable (home, a park, nearby trail) or we can wait until I get there, I am sure that there will be something.  In this case a peeling garage painted an amazing shade of green, a grungy wall, an amazing tree.  I will see something that you walk by every day.  A brick wall can be fantastic.  Don’t worry I tell them, we will figure this out when I see where the light is…

But every so often you get a gift.  Like, for example, a walk out deck overlooking the South End…  I mean I look up at those apartments and wonder what it looks like from up there and then there I was!  And these very smart people have a extended couch (in red!) out there for lounging–or for providing the perfect picture taking place.

Baby E is a fair, blue-eyed little guy who has a gaggle of grown ups’ hearts in his hand.  His mom and dad told me that he has 7 great-grandparents–that is a whole lotta years of lovin’ shining on one little guy.  He seems to be taking it in stride and even giving a bunch of it back.

We had a fun shoot on top of the world with this lovely young family.

You might have noticed the abundance of twins on this blog. I think that I have photographed at least half a dozen pairs. It is representative of Massachusetts’s number one ranking for multiple births. Every time I see all those arms and legs, I think about having all that moving around inside of you, and I feel such admiration for these moms. Not to mention what it takes to care for them once they are on the outside!

This latest pair might be my first boy-boy set. They are just precious and it seems to me as I look through the photos that I can almost see their bigger person personalities shining through. ‘I’ is a little bigger than his brother and a little tougher. He was in a sleepy mood the day that I was there and we even had to wake the baby, breaking the cardinal rule of parenting new-born twins. His individual shots have *attitude* and he is just shy of two months! Littler guy, L, he was full of fun faces and winning expressions. He looked at the camera and his Moma and seemed to already be observing what was going on around him.

These guys really have a beautiful and kind mom. She looked radiant despite what I am sure has been a roller coaster few months. They also have and a fun, gruff dad who is really a teddy bear, I could see it. They both love them so much but would not mind slightly more sleep. Grandma and Auntie have been lending a hand to get these sweet boys off to a great start–and these two little guys are keeping 4 adults running!

Family’s first baby

These are two of the most deeply feeling people I know.

Their wedding was a tear-soaked affair. The ceremony was among the most beautiful and heartfelt that I have ever seen. It included a long and deep list of traits and habits that each loved about the other. It was a verbal embrace that gave everyone a window into their love.

And that peek into their connection and feeling has been magnified 1000 times by the arrival of their son, baby S. These photos overflow with love. As with any newborn, S has given them a run for their money at times, but in these images you can only see the love and care that has been his birthright from the start.

These are great parents, ready to embrace S and the experience of growing him–and to embrace the ways in which the arrival of S has grown them too.

We took these photos at Walden Pond. A great Boston landmark and a meaningful spot for this family for many reasons–but above all because it is where their lifetime union symbolically started, on the beach here that S’s mom and dad agreed that they would spend their lives together.

I love these images of S getting ready for his big shoot. He responds to their affection all the way down to the tips of his toes.

During the baby-welcoming ceremonies in the Jewish tradition the officiant often describes the celebration as the creation of a whole new love. Love that did not exist before and takes nothing away from the love that was in your life and heart before the baby came. Something entirely different. I always think about how true that is–and how powerful, primal those feelings are.

Capturing that love is really why I love doing newborn sessions. I am not so much into the slings and hats and baby posing that some photographers do (although I do think that those photos are super cute), but given the opportunity, I want the family. I want parents so new and so tired that they cannot help but let their love spill out. I want a tiny miracle body with itty bitty chicken legs–the body that you can hardly remember existed even a few weeks later.

This mom bought a gift certificate that I had donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. She was planful. She called before she had the baby to see what would be best. Here is what is best: Call me when she did, before the baby comes, then add me to your email announcement list so that I know the baby arrived. You won’t believe me before the baby comes, but your days will melt away. Since I want to come by in the first week or so, I will call you. We can make a date–that will be the hardest part. After that it is all easy. I won’t rush you through the session–feed, soothe, sleep, spit up, change a dozen diapers, it will all be fine.

This little guy was amazingly chill and awake. He definitely loves where he has landed–between two adults who can only be described as besotted. They can barely keep their hands and their kisses off him–he has a magnetic pull. It is exactly why visiting early is so optimal. They were in the throws of first love. You will see that they are never looking at the camera (FINE with me), they cannot take their eyes off little J.

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