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Meet E–a 10 month old who can run! And she came ready to show off. Her mom said that after an infancy marked by major activity from the start as well as early advances in motor skills, last week E decided to get up on her feet and MOVE for real. And she is a very fast learner!

She was zipping around the park and about all we could do to keep her in one place was to try to get her to walk up the hill instead of down, but I don’t think that will be a problem for long.  Her mom was busy trying to corral all of that glorious toddler energy (where does that go in adulthood anyway?), while dad was gentle and always attentive to E’s safety as she navigated the world on her own two feet.

We tried to fool E into some family photos by entertaining her on slides, swings, and shoulders.  And as a prize we were often rewarded with her winning smile, which gives new definition to smiling all the way to your eyes.  She really beams.

And, for those of you who have asked, this mom did a super job of dressing little E–deep color, beautiful texture, interesting buttons, but nothing to take your gaze away from her gorgeous little face, as though that were even possible.


During the baby-welcoming ceremonies in the Jewish tradition the officiant often describes the celebration as the creation of a whole new love. Love that did not exist before and takes nothing away from the love that was in your life and heart before the baby came. Something entirely different. I always think about how true that is–and how powerful, primal those feelings are.

Capturing that love is really why I love doing newborn sessions. I am not so much into the slings and hats and baby posing that some photographers do (although I do think that those photos are super cute), but given the opportunity, I want the family. I want parents so new and so tired that they cannot help but let their love spill out. I want a tiny miracle body with itty bitty chicken legs–the body that you can hardly remember existed even a few weeks later.

This mom bought a gift certificate that I had donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. She was planful. She called before she had the baby to see what would be best. Here is what is best: Call me when she did, before the baby comes, then add me to your email announcement list so that I know the baby arrived. You won’t believe me before the baby comes, but your days will melt away. Since I want to come by in the first week or so, I will call you. We can make a date–that will be the hardest part. After that it is all easy. I won’t rush you through the session–feed, soothe, sleep, spit up, change a dozen diapers, it will all be fine.

This little guy was amazingly chill and awake. He definitely loves where he has landed–between two adults who can only be described as besotted. They can barely keep their hands and their kisses off him–he has a magnetic pull. It is exactly why visiting early is so optimal. They were in the throws of first love. You will see that they are never looking at the camera (FINE with me), they cannot take their eyes off little J.

Wow, well that was fun.  Thank you to everyone who voted and especially to those who nominated these four wonderful families.

There was suspense in the votes, it went back and forth a bit, but in the end the winner of the free family shoot is:  The Glorious Ladies of the Potluck from Jamaica Plain!


These ladies read the nominations and rallied their friends, but in the end they felt that they wanted to concede the photo shoot to the family in Lexington who lost all of their possessions in the house fire.  As they told me, “We don’t feel right enjoying this–despite the fact that we would treasure these photos–taking the shoot when there is a family who has lost everything.”

In recognition of this generosity I would like to gift both families with a photo shoot.  The Lexington family will win the grand prize  of a family photo shoot and portrait package worth up to $1000 and the GLOP will also win a shoot and some photos for their family members so that everyone will have portraits that reflect back to them the treasures in their lives.

I will definitely be doing this annually, so keep your ears open for some good nominees.  And congratulations to everyone who participated.

P.S.  May is filling up–if you want a spring sitting, please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your spot!  Use the “Write Lisa” link above to send me an email.

So, now that we have talked about the idea that your photographs are not actually for you, I want to put my money where my mouth is. I want you to think about your favorite photo–perhaps it is of your grandmother or your dad; maybe it’s a wedding photo, your child as an impish two year old, or, perhaps, you are in it–with someone who loves you with their whole heart.

Now imagine not having that photo.

That would stink, huh?

Well, here is your opportunity to give someone else the photo of a lifetime–nominate their family to win a FREE sitting with Portraits by Lisa.

Think of all the people you know: perhaps a single mom who dedicates her life to her children, a family who has faced unemployment, a veteran’s family, a friend with a new baby, grandparents raising their grandchildren–there is no end to the reasons families can be nominated.

The lucky winning family will receive a completely complementary shoot and portrait collection.

Here are the details:

* Any family in the greater Boston area is eligible.
* Nominations should clearly explain why this particular family needs/deserves/would delight in a photo session with Portraits by Lisa.
* You can nominate your own family.
* Nominations should be no more than one page in length and should be submitted directly to me at lisa@portraitsbylisa.com
* Nominations must include the name, phone, and email address of the nominator to be considered.
* Nominations must be received by March 18 at midnight EST.
* If you nominate a family who is not your own, you will also win a complementary portraiture sitting (not transferrable).

I will review the nominees and choose finalists. These stories will then be posted to my blog. The finalist receiving the most votes will win a photo shoot in the location of their choice (within 30 miles of Boston) and a customized portrait collection to hang as well as photos to give to relatives. The retail value of the prize is up to $1000.

You never know who will nominate the winner! Please spread the word about this opportunity to your friends and colleagues. Any one of them could know the winning family.

And remember, your children will only be this age once, so book your own shoot with Portraits by Lisa today! Spring is just around the corner.

I look forward to receiving your nominations!

All the best,

I have been told that my personal philosophy about photography is illuminating, so I want to share it with you. It can be summed up in this quote and how it relates to photography.

What we yearn for as human beings is to be visible to eachother–Jacqueline Novogratz

I know how strong this yearning is. I have seen it on many trips to the developing world (where cameras are not commonly found in family homes) and nearly everyone jumps at the opportunity to be photographed–even though they don’t know me and will never see the printed photo. This one was taken in Uganda:

I know this because children as young as 18 months come over to look at their own images on the back of my camera and shriek with delight when they find themselves in the LCD.

I know this because my own mother has a wall full of family photos spanning generations–many of people she never met but nonetheless make up part of our collective family story. I have spent a lot of time looking at that wall. There is a photo on that wall that, to me, looks just like my aunt, but is my grandmother. On the day that she began her 63 year marriage to my grandfather. Although I was lucky enough to have both of them around well into adulthood, the photo is of people I never knew. It was decades until we met. I can see their youthful beauty and their young love. I can see the resemblances that they passed on to their children and grandchildren. I can compare it to the wedding photos of my own parents and sister (my grandmother was able to attend that wedding about 70 years later) and watch the generations unfold.

And this leads me to the question, who are your photos really for? In the short term they show off how adorable your children are–a super special purpose, but it goes so much deeper. Photos remind you of how much they have grown. They recall for you their baby cheeks and toothless grins, and also your first amazement for and love of them. But that is only their first important role. The child in that photo will be lucky enough to have a record of their own development–to know that they were seen. Good photographs not only show the unique attributes of the individual, they show tell us something about their developmental stage. Give a child insight into their grandparents, show them their father as an awkward teenager, or how much their baby looks like their mom as a baby. My favorites often show special connections and relationships, capturing moments in which future-you can see how much you were adored, how others delighted in you. And, eventually, generations you cannot yet dream will look at them as cherished possessions.

This is how photography works to satisfy the most basic human yearning.

To illustrate I have put together a collection of photos from one family who I have worked with over the years since they welcomed twins into their lives, think about what a treasure they will be for generations: (and Stay tuned to the blog! On Friday I will have a super special announcement about how you can make another family feel seen!)

My how they grow!

F o l l o w   M e