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In recognition of Mother’s Day I partnered with the Community Nursery School (CNS) in Lexington to celebrate their families and raise a little money for their new building.

It was an unusual circumstance where the proposal was win-win-win. A win for the school, a win for the families, and fun for me. How cool is that?

And the results, well, they were even better–because the biggest win was for the families. They each got mini-shoots or one hour in-home shoot, depending on their choice, and every one of them ended up with fabulous family portraits. Here is what one mom had to say:

I guess I have to decide where I’m going to hang them and how many to hang. Oy! Is choosing prints something you can help with? I think my favorite family photo is 1438, but I would love to have your thoughts. The individual photos of the kids literally made me catch my breath, and the two of Z (the little guy) are just so perfectly him. Also, the picture of the two boys just about makes me cry. The others are fabulous too, but I think those are my favorites.

and another:

WOW! These are absolutely stunning. We all just saw them now, together, and we’re all thrilled. Amazing!
I cannot thank you enough, M

Although digital cameras have made photos so much more common, family photos are still a rarity. Don’t wait. Book a sitting today, get a family photo–it is an investment you will treasure forever!

Check out some of these beauties:

I will be doing a limited number of fundraising family shoots each year. If your organization would like to find out more, contact me today!

S’s mom called me. She and S HATED the senior photos taken by the school’s prescribed company. Blue background, unflattering angle, totally generic, overlooked hair mishap, and no evidence that anyone had said a word to put S at ease or make her smile (which, it turns out, is not even a difficult task). A quick glance through the yearbook confirmed that these photos just would not do. I mean, these are your high school mementos people! Take some care. And, S’s mom added, “I just want her to have some photos that she loves from this time in her life.”

S called *right away* when I emailed her. She was itching to put the original photos behind her and create something great. We planned a time and she chose to go to the beautiful campus of Wellesley College. On the appointed day we drove over there with no particular spot in mind. We scoped out a few buildings and randomly drove by the infirmary. At the same moment we both fell for the look of the fire escape. Together we climbed on up and took some shots. It was fun, if a touch scary, sort of how escaping high school is after several years.

Then we set out across campus, caught some scenery and a little rain, and the results were spirited and beautiful photos of a young woman about to escape from one chapter of her life and move into the next. I hope that you love them, S!

You will be able to see the fun that was had during this shoot. It is all over the photos.

L’s mom asked me to take some photos of her son who has just graduated from college and is moving to San Francisco this summer for a great job opportunity. She gave me a little background, not much, but she did tell me not to force him to smile. I don’t generally force smiles, and often preferring photos without wide grins, but she wanted me to know that nice photos of his young adult face were all that she was after. Something to mark this point in time (which unfortunately often goes undocumented) and, I suspect, to give her a remembrance at as he moves across the country.

I began my planning with L. He mentioned a girlfriend, E. I said, “bring her if she wants to join.” That seemed like a good idea to all involved. She was into it. And, selfishly, I was psyched to have a client old enough to shoot in the EVENING light and in an urban location.

We met in Beacon Hill. This area is quintessential Boston. I scoped a few things out ahead of time. Perfect for a shoot involving two New Englanders about to put down new roots 3,000 miles away. We played in the alley ways, gawking at the window boxes and helping ourselves to perfectly manicured front stoops. We hung out on swank streets dreaming of the lives behind the doors and incorporated a bunch of the emblematic features of Beacon Hill into the photos.

Afterward for a change of pace I suggested a coffee, ice cream, or cocktail. By this time I was aware that I was dealing with two foodies, and that was confirmed when the idea of “just any” ice cream was frowned upon. Convenience was no good excuse for bad ice cream. So we pulled up stakes and headed closer to home to what is arguably the best ice cream in the world: Cambridge’s own Toscanini’s. Samples of salty fig, pineapple basil, and 3 drunk muskateers ensued. Followed by orders for scoops of blueberry pancake and fluffernutter. Followed by more photos.

Turns out, L’s smile was on the loose for this shoot (I think it might have had something to do with E), but the result was magic.

L and E-good luck in San Fran! I know that you will love it, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures, culinary and otherwise!

Now for a message from my nostalgic self: Do you remember what it was like to be in high school? What senior year was like–that mixture of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and sadness? Impatience for school to end and the freedom of your last high school summer. In reality, I don’t have a lot of love lost for high school, but college… well, those were some great years. So, when I meet seniors, on the cusp of that adventure, it does create some longing.

Last weekend I met up with some seniors–a gang of five girlfriends who wanted some photos. We did some solo shots, but in reality I think that they were most interested in the group shots. And they are adorable. I know how their commentary will go–“you look so good, so much better than me….” But, I think that you will agree, they are all gorgeous. And you can see that they love one another in a way that is difficult to recapture at other times in your life. Enjoy the photos girls, you all look so beautiful. Savor the end of school, graduation, and the summer. [Boy, I sound like an old person.]

D and I headed to the Wellesley College campus a few days ago. Although it was a bit chilly she powered through like a champ. It was spring break, so campus was quiet, but we did manage to have some adventures. There was a colorful stairwell that we just had to access (door was unlocked, promise). Then there was my bright idea to kick her feet forward on the bike rack. Not such a good idea as it turns out, but, you know, alls well that ends well–the plans that don’t go quite as well as you think that they might always yield the biggest smiles (and the best stories).

The Wellesley greenhouses were open and we took a peek in there and in the chapel (the shoot ended when the people who actually looked like they might want to pray walked in). And then we got some nice portraits just because D has a beautiful smile and gorgeous green eyes. No scenery required.

Thanks for a really fun afternoon, D! I hope that you like the photos!

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