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First, just a reminder:  Mini Sessions are booking now.  Click here to reserve your spot today!!

This week we get to become reacquainted with the M family.  This baby was my first baby club member and this was his first birthday shoot!  For the occasion he sprouted a head full of red hair.  I was entranced!

Big sister K is also celebrating a birthday.  She wants an American Girl Doll but she already has a living doll.  An expert big sister, she is a great help and best play mate for baby C.  He is as all-boy as she is all-girl.  They took me to a fantastic park with unicorns and long slides and sandboxes with ships in them.  Not to mention fields that need bulldozing.

It has been so much fun watching C grow and getting to know this family over the course of the year.  I really have had fun with them–and now their living room is full of beautiful family portraits too!

Just like you, I browse facebook. And because I am who I am, I am especially drawn to the photographs people post of their children. I love to see the children as they grow, but too often than not the photos are taken with cell phones! All these once in a lifetime moments caught blurry and off-color by cell phones! Now, I know that it is impossible for families to hire me to follow them each day or even for a weekend excursion per month, but this is your life folks! They are only that small once.

I want to solve this problem for you. So I am happy to announce a new option for families who are amazed at the changes in their baby during their first year of life and want a beautiful, heirloom collection of photographs to treasure forever. The Portraits by Lisa Baby Club was created for you! Tell Grandma that this is what you want for your baby gift.

Membership has many privileges, but the gist of it is this: up to 5 sittings over your child’s first year for $499. Just imagine pouring over every developmental stage of your child–captured in heirloom-quality art. Right away you will gaze in wonder and appreciation at the portraits. You will be able to see your baby’s changes as they happen. And later these memories will last. You can marvel at the rapid passage of time in the years to come–as they go off to kindergarten, when they are confirmed or Bar Mitzvah, when they leave for college. Imagine giving these portraits to your children who will be able to see their own infant’s features in them. And, because you cared enough to purchase heirloom-quality art, those babies–your grandchildren–will be able to hang these portraits in their own homes 60 years from now.

I will be able to offer a limited number of memberships each month, so if you are pregnant or recently had a baby, SIGN UP TODAY! Once you are a member, you receive a complimentary 8×10 for any member you refer.

Full benefits can be seen here:

Have questions? Click contact Lisa above and shoot me an email–I will happily answer any questions!

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