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a month of favorites–day 31 {boston family photographer}

I cannot believe that this month is over!  I have so many more favorites to share.  I will have to do this again soon to get those out there.

This photo says so much about being a toddler, about being a parent, about size and scale and being small.  Don’t you just want to hug him?

a month of favorites–day 30 {brookline children’s photographer}

This family has been seeing me for three years–as with many families there are so many I could choose from, but I do love this one.  I think that it’s the twinkle in her eye.


a month of favorites–day 29 {brookline family photographer}

A new baby sister.  Lots of adoration.  The kind of image I imagine this little girl holding dear decades from now.  And probably the older brother too.


a month of favorites–day 28 {needham family photographer}

So hard to pick a favorite from this shoot.  These two girls were full of love and I couldn’t resist them.  We had so much fun they were asking for more photos for days after we finished the shoot.  If they had asked me rather than their mom, it’s likely there would have been lots more photos.



a month of favorites–day 26 {brookline family photographer}

I have a number of photos just like this one, where I imagine the little one knowing that they are the star of the show.  And laughing to themselves about how little they have done to garner such absolute adoration.  Sometimes, when I know the parents pretty well too, I can see that the smiles have gotten just a little wider as this new person has burrowed into their heart.

Such is the case here:

F o l l o w   M e