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Since I don’t shoot weddings, I rarely get to shoot engagement sessions.  This was an exception–these two were being married far away and needed an engagement session, so their mom called me.  I met them early one weekend morning in the Arb.  They were so in love, so happy to have found one another.  I asked them how they met, and they told me it was in a dance class.  So, we went to an empty patch of forest and I asked them to dance.  It was magic.

You know something is going right when you are smiling at the computer as you select the proof images from a shoot.

There is so much love waiting for this baby boy.  It is great to see how happy these two are, and to know that a baby will only enhance their connection.

We’ll be seeing you soon Baby Boy R!


Since I have a sister who just got married, I recognized the lilt in this mom’s voice when she called. Engagement photos for her daughter is what she was after, and the expectancy and excitement in her voice was familiar.

J, A and I decided to meet early one morning at the Arboretum. We wanted to capitalize on the fall colors (which never quite got their act together this year), and the beauty of the Arb in any season. But it hardly mattered where we were–it is so clear that J & A are in love that no matter where they were they brought their own beauty. I never had to remind them to smile or look at one another–and A was especially happy when I asked them to kiss.

And they were up for any adventure–J hiked the trail in nice shoes and they agreed to lean over me and kiss as I shot from below. It was a perspective on love that I had not had before, that is for certain. I also asked them to dance (they met dancing) in a grove of trees. That series includes some of my favorites. Wedding talk was low key, they were just content to enjoy one another and relish the idea that they had found their partner for this journey.

Everyone should have someone look at them like this during their life, don’t you think?

A called, it was time, Coco was about to be one, she needed “puppy” photos while they were still official–and since the adoption of their fur-child she and D had gotten engaged, so maybe a couple of them too.

Coco was a good model as long as the treats kept coming, obviously in love with her parents and a good pal of the others at the dog park that day. No one can deny that she is a beauty!

Speaking of A and D, they were clearly enamored of their baby, they also look very happy to have one another for a lifetime. Hard to say who is cuter…

JS called me one day to ask, “do you take pictures of pregnant ladies?” “Of course!” I exclaimed, “I would die to, but I had trouble talking people into doing a shoot at the end of their pregnancy!” (A move which I can safely say, most regret after it is too late…) Well, JS did not need much convincing, she wanted to do a shoot to mark the impending arrival of her first baby.

On the day of the shoot, she (and her husband) were great sports–and happy to show off JS’s super-cool belly. I am fascinated by pregnant women, what an amazing experience to grow another person! Looking around at the kids I know, I can scarcely wrap my head around the idea that each little dimple, elbow, ear, and eyelash came from almost nothing and lived inside my friends and clients. It truly is an everyday miracle.

JS and M are super psyched to meet their little one in a few weeks. I am not sure if the birth marks the beginning of a new chapter or a new book–either way, look for a peek at the little one here in not too long!

This baby is supposed to make an entrance around in early November, and if the wives’ tale is true and girl babies steal their mom’s beauty, then this baby is most definitely a boy! (although no one knows for sure)

Next week I am going to announce a package for capturing the miracle of new babies, so stay tuned!

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