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This family wanted to take photos at the spot where they had wedding pictures done.  I can imagine that these two beautiful boys were only a wish, a hope, a dream at the time those photos were taken.  These two were all boy, egging eachother on and running every which way.  It was awesome.  I love kids with some spirit!  They did a great job of smiling, because they were so joyful.  You can see that they love to be near one another and their parents.

Sometimes it feels to parents like children are not cooperating during a shoot, but I always tell them not to worry, it’s totally normal for a young child to act like a young child–and I expect that!  In fact, it’s what I really long to capture–that and the absolute devotion that the parents have for the children.  Take a look below, you can just feel the love in these guys have for one another in the photos.  For me, honestly, when I can see that, I call it all a success!

I cannot believe that this month is over!  I have so many more favorites to share.  I will have to do this again soon to get those out there.

This photo says so much about being a toddler, about being a parent, about size and scale and being small.  Don’t you just want to hug him?

This family has been seeing me for three years–as with many families there are so many I could choose from, but I do love this one.  I think that it’s the twinkle in her eye.


A new baby sister.  Lots of adoration.  The kind of image I imagine this little girl holding dear decades from now.  And probably the older brother too.


So hard to pick a favorite from this shoot.  These two girls were full of love and I couldn’t resist them.  We had so much fun they were asking for more photos for days after we finished the shoot.  If they had asked me rather than their mom, it’s likely there would have been lots more photos.



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