squeezes {south end family photographer}

These guys are close to my heart.

Older brother, L, is three–rough and tumble, and so cute that he can get away with a lot of antics.  He is a great kid, just the living definition of “all boy.” And a born charmer.  And made of rubber like most little guys (check the knees)–constantly getting up and letting you know, “I OK!”  I have dreamed of perfect little boy prototype, he has breathed life into it.  You’ll see below, he was every bit the three year old boy he is entitled to be during our shoot.  At one point he even screamed with glee as his dad spun him so fast that his mom and I were getting dizzy just watching!

L proved that even kids you know well will always find a way to surprise you.  When Mom got pregnant he was not the blissfully oblivious little two year old we both would have predicted.  He showed much more than a passing interest in her growing belly and the baby inside.  From the start he told everyone, without fail, that the baby was a girl (in truth, nobody knew).  It was so convincing that when little R came out, if the doctor had proclaimed “It’s a boy!” I would have been shocked.  And as much has he loved the idea of her on the inside, it paled in comparison to the love he shows on the outside.  A love so deep that it has to be closely monitored–as you can see below, she seems resigned to her fate as a hugged and loved little sister, begging for mercy only occasionally.

As you can see, there is no shortage of love and smiles going on between these four.  I am just glad to know them and to have been able to capture their growing family.

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