home is where the heart is {newton family photographer}

These families won a gift certificate I donated to a school auction. It makes me happy when people call and book because so often they go unused!

As I drove to find them, I immediately recognized the overdressed;)kids playing carefully on their front porch and decided that this must be the place.  Mom and Dad let me have some time to get to know (and photograph) the littles before they joined the party.  This often works best, since kids tend to do whatever they can to make their parents crazy during a shoot.  These guys are old enough to have some free time with a photographer and get to know me on their own terms.

The power house of the family is little A–she came last but not least in this family.  Her mom said that they had been a pretty mellow trio until she showed up.  You’ll see from the photos–its clear that she has something to say.  Paired with her shining eyes and dimples, she can get away with a bunch, I’m sure!  Older brother N has an eye out for her and an obvious love for his family.  He seemed like the model older brother who will always have an eye out for the little one!

Even though these portraits are slightly more formal than most, I still think that the personalities (and the 8 bright eyes) shine through!

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