a million kisses {cambridge newborn photographer}

Remember these guys?

So, I predicted a soft landing for their baby, but I don’t think that her feet have touched the ground yet!  Little E, as beautiful as they come, has not passed a moment without a kiss or caress.  The house is fairly bursting with love and caring for the new little person who has arrived–yet seems like she was always there.

Dad continues to serenade her.  My favorite shots are of all of them snuggling on the bed–and the ones where she is reacting to Daddy’s musical stylings.  Already, she seems to be an interactive audience of one!

Things have been a little hectic–regular newborn hectic compounded a bit by some other things, but these parents have been full of grace.  And E seems to be one who can just roll with the bumps in the road.  She came with some good shock absorbers.  As with all babies, the love is multiplied exponentially–and spread from her parents, to aunts and her grandmother–all of whom rushed to meet her and have their pictures taken.  Heck, if I was excited to see her I can only imagine how anxious they must have been.

E and I are going to spend this year getting to know eachother–so you guys will get to see her grow.

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