Monthly Archives: May 2012

Sometimes life just hands you a gift and you have no choice but to get out your camera and just say “thank you” with every frame you shoot.

For some photographers the gift would be a beautiful model, others a perfect sunset, a grand vista, or a perfect little newborn baby.  For me it was a troop of tiny superheroes.  I’m sorry, did I not type that loudly enough?  A TROOP OF TINY SUPER HEROES!!!!!

When does that happen?  And how did I get so lucky?  It all started a year ago.  When I met this completely charming, totally zany, and absolutely adorable little boy.  In the last year I have spent a bunch of time with this little guy.  He never ceases to crack me up.  He is absolutely 100% BOY.  The kind of kid who inspires people to stop you on the street and in cafes and tell you how cute he is, how captivating.  And along with him, of course, has come a bunch of other little guys (and their little brothers and sisters) who have also inched their way into my heart.  A few months ago L became a big brother, now my heart has grown a little more as his sister found her place there too.

And so, this collection of littles gathered to celebrate L’s third birthday and with delicious food cooked by Dad and the most incredible costumes all hand made by Mom (and the most gorgeous day) I found myself luck enough to be surrounded by knee-high super heroes and their families.  Here is what I did with the photographic gift the universe served up…

F o l l o w   M e