Monthly Archives: February 2012

Well, we have some catching up to do! I was so busy over the holiday season that blogging suffered–and when that was all done, I promptly got sick. Twice. But now, I am back and I have got to share some of the love that I captured during the fall months.

No better place to start than the S family! These guys have a special place in my heart. I have been shooting their family photo since, well, forever. The older boys refer to me as “the picture lady”–they don’t run and hide, but they let me [quickly] capture their beautiful faces, then immediately begin wrestling with one another. Mom, a photogenic beauty, just rolls with it, as any smart mother of three boys will.

The first four of them are the subject of one of my favorite family photos of all time (the littlest one was a stowaway in this family portrait):

And this year’s shoot was a close runner up! The sitting was made all the more enjoyable by the littlest guy running out of the frame over and over again to give me a hug and kiss. Being a children’s photographer is not an easy job, but it definitely has some perks. The three of them are just as fun–and all boy!–as they can be.

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