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I have been lucky enough to photograph this adorable little girl from the time she was just a few months old. She has been a spirited little girl from the start, but now that she has language and mobility on her side she is really quite a force to be reckoned with–in the best possible way. Curious about everything, anxious to do things her way, and unsatisfied with clothes that are not red! And she has these fantastic parents who nurture her independence and buy her lots of red dresses.

We romped around Tufts, wehre her dad is a professor, and a place that she considers part of her kingdom–from what I hear she is a benevolent ruler who excepts bribes (mostly in the form of lollipops and stickers).

You know how some folks were just meant to be parents? And when they finally get to that stage of life you hope so much that they get some super-awesome kids to play with and love. Well, here you have a family just like that. They were lucky to get an instant family. Boy-girl twins whose portraits I have been compulsively editing for a few days. Not because I have to get through so many sessions before the holidays but because I can hardly take my eyes off them.

We had a super fun shoot that included lunch and ended with two tired babies in cribs and fast asleep. In the meantime they were fantastic sports.

Don’t even try to resist. It just is not possible.

We begin with the funniest photo I think I have taken all year…

If you want to see their newborn portraits, click here Portraits by Lisa and like the page–they have an album of 5lb (distant memory) adorable.

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