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Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… There were a bunch of twenty-something quasi-grown-ups running around Boston, trying to find their way. I was one of those, new to Boston, anxious to make friends. One of the earliest people I met introduced me to this guy–creative (check out his stuff here), friendly, always ready to lend a hand, and possessor of a giant apartment where there was frequently a party.

Fast forward a lifetime. Now we are expected to be mostly all grown up.

He met a smart and beautiful woman and took a crash course in true love. They met and married and had a baby, all at light speed. Dad passed on his obsession with comic books and all things Star Wars to their son, L. Big brother L is nearly 6 and when I asked him if he thought that he loved Star Wars and superheroes because of the dad he got or if he just got the perfect dad, he said that he got the Perfect Dad. And it is true, after L came I wondered why no one had given this guy a kid a long time ago. He’s a natural.

Many years later these two announced that L would be a big brother by posting a video of them telling their ecstatic son that they would be bringing home a baby just as he had hoped. He could barely believe his good luck. Mom was excited to learn that, after coming from a family of girls, she would be giving L a little sister. And the wait was on… Well, everyone is truly in their element with the arrival of the forth family member, little Miss C. She was a trooper throughout her shoot, cuddling so cutely with all her family members–L cannot take his eyes off her (well, unless there is a light saber around).

Mom and Dad are remembering the realities of having an infant in the household–and also just how fast it all goes by. Everyone is savoring C’s arrival and enjoying each fun phase of her growing up. And soon she will be ready for her Jedi training.

It was so much fun hanging out with you and meeting your newest family member.

Meet E–a 10 month old who can run! And she came ready to show off. Her mom said that after an infancy marked by major activity from the start as well as early advances in motor skills, last week E decided to get up on her feet and MOVE for real. And she is a very fast learner!

She was zipping around the park and about all we could do to keep her in one place was to try to get her to walk up the hill instead of down, but I don’t think that will be a problem for long.  Her mom was busy trying to corral all of that glorious toddler energy (where does that go in adulthood anyway?), while dad was gentle and always attentive to E’s safety as she navigated the world on her own two feet.

We tried to fool E into some family photos by entertaining her on slides, swings, and shoulders.  And as a prize we were often rewarded with her winning smile, which gives new definition to smiling all the way to your eyes.  She really beams.

And, for those of you who have asked, this mom did a super job of dressing little E–deep color, beautiful texture, interesting buttons, but nothing to take your gaze away from her gorgeous little face, as though that were even possible.


So, folks call.  They want to know where we should shoot.  What’s a good location?  I have a two pronged response:  the place your kids/family feel comfortable (home, a park, nearby trail) or we can wait until I get there, I am sure that there will be something.  In this case a peeling garage painted an amazing shade of green, a grungy wall, an amazing tree.  I will see something that you walk by every day.  A brick wall can be fantastic.  Don’t worry I tell them, we will figure this out when I see where the light is…

But every so often you get a gift.  Like, for example, a walk out deck overlooking the South End…  I mean I look up at those apartments and wonder what it looks like from up there and then there I was!  And these very smart people have a extended couch (in red!) out there for lounging–or for providing the perfect picture taking place.

Baby E is a fair, blue-eyed little guy who has a gaggle of grown ups’ hearts in his hand.  His mom and dad told me that he has 7 great-grandparents–that is a whole lotta years of lovin’ shining on one little guy.  He seems to be taking it in stride and even giving a bunch of it back.

We had a fun shoot on top of the world with this lovely young family.

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This week we get to become reacquainted with the M family.  This baby was my first baby club member and this was his first birthday shoot!  For the occasion he sprouted a head full of red hair.  I was entranced!

Big sister K is also celebrating a birthday.  She wants an American Girl Doll but she already has a living doll.  An expert big sister, she is a great help and best play mate for baby C.  He is as all-boy as she is all-girl.  They took me to a fantastic park with unicorns and long slides and sandboxes with ships in them.  Not to mention fields that need bulldozing.

It has been so much fun watching C grow and getting to know this family over the course of the year.  I really have had fun with them–and now their living room is full of beautiful family portraits too!

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