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I had intended to get this post up last week, and then talk about all the curly-haired two year old girls I had been lucky enough to photograph in one week. But best of intentions and all that… Still little E sports some awesome golden curls and a personality to match!

I often wonder if the curly hair follows the personality or the personality follows the curls. E was fully of spirit–just has happy and full of life as she appears here. She was an great sport. As we started the shoot Mom lamented that she had forgotten to bring a hair clip or rubber band. Many frames later–with brilliant blue eyes peering from behind the curls that would not be tamed–Dad decided that there must be SOMETHING in the car to pull them back. He returned with an improvisational hair accessory and E’s face was uncovered. I cannot say which I prefer.

Eventually we gave in to E’s quiet pleas to play on the playground and did some more shooting over there. She loved the swing and slide. It was fun to shoot on the playground and reminded me what a little universe the playground is for small people. Everything just their size, it must be so reassuring in a world where you are always miniature.

And then these smart parents did a couple of photos together. Well, it is completely clear where E got her grin and good looks.

I had a ton of fun with you guys! Hope that you love your preview!

The hair, those lips, the adorable expressions can overshadow the winning personality of this little girl. We have seen her before, here and here. But now she is TWO and weeks away from a promotion to big sister. S is a great talker and quite a ham. She adores her parents and they cannot get enough of her either.

We had so much fun taking pictures. She showed me where she inherited her infectious smile by eliciting them from her mom constantly. She is so smart, she knew exactly when she needed a break and made sure she got it (kids know how to make pictures stop working very young, it amazes me always), but she perked up again when her dad came home for the final shots.

In the meantime she showed off her physical prowess and the exuberance she has for life–it extends all the way down to ends of her curls.

Miss S, it is my distinct pleasure to watch you grow and I know that you are going to be one great big sister. I can tell you from personal experience, a sister is a really special gift. I cannot wait to meet her too! The love in this family will grow exponentially with their new addition.

It took a while to get this shoot on the calendar, but perseverance won–and I think that they will be happy we persevered.

J answered the door with his dad. He was immediately full of questions, several about Star Wars, and he is an avid fan. With a memory for character names that I have long forgotten. His questions were entertaining. For the first time I was asked what planet I was from (because in Star Wars this is a valid question). He also pointed out a small scratch on his cheek and was explaining how he got it. I told him that it was no problem, I could take that right out of the photos. He looked concerned, “will it hurt?” Lesson learned on explaining things more thoroughly to 3 year olds.

L was slightly more reserved. She was coaxed into wearing a dress, and I am so glad that she did–little girls in skirts at twilight, you can hardly do better. She showed herself to be part model and part prankster during the shoot. She and her brother got one another rolling.

We visited the Charles River park in Brighton as the sun was getting low. The light was wonderful and we even worked around a road race. The family has lots of memories in this park, and I hope that we added another great one. Thanks for a great shoot, McN family!

I admit it, I have been putting off writing this post because I just don’t know where to begin.

This is not just a regular-old super fun family shoot for me. This is baby N. He is not “my friends’ kid”–he is the kid I love because he was born to people I adore. The day N was born Dad called me and whispered, “I am a Daddy.” He could barely believe it, that the little guy in the isolette was his to hold and take home and care for forever. Before that day he was an exceptional consultant on strategic business growth; but now it seems that his primary strategizing is around getting his baby to smile at him.

And his Mama. She is the picture of calm. She rolled with more than her share of punches, and has shown herself to be a quietly capable and remarkably relaxed first time mom. She was more than willing to have fun with the shoot–and you can see in the photos that Mom and Dad have that essential ability to have a great time together.

N is a beauty. And I don’t think I am biased. He really has grown up to be a gorgeous little guy. Serious by nature, he responds best to his mom and dad, who delight in his every grin. Much like these guys, it was hard to find a frame where these proud parents were not smiling. Dad said that he is not photogenic, can’t smile for pictures–the cure was obvious to me–I told him, “then look at the baby.” It worked every time.

OK, N, I hope that I did you proud. And that your mom and dad might like these too.

This one is my favorite, N knows that he has got these guys wrapped around his little finger…

These are two of the most deeply feeling people I know.

Their wedding was a tear-soaked affair. The ceremony was among the most beautiful and heartfelt that I have ever seen. It included a long and deep list of traits and habits that each loved about the other. It was a verbal embrace that gave everyone a window into their love.

And that peek into their connection and feeling has been magnified 1000 times by the arrival of their son, baby S. These photos overflow with love. As with any newborn, S has given them a run for their money at times, but in these images you can only see the love and care that has been his birthright from the start.

These are great parents, ready to embrace S and the experience of growing him–and to embrace the ways in which the arrival of S has grown them too.

We took these photos at Walden Pond. A great Boston landmark and a meaningful spot for this family for many reasons–but above all because it is where their lifetime union symbolically started, on the beach here that S’s mom and dad agreed that they would spend their lives together.

I love these images of S getting ready for his big shoot. He responds to their affection all the way down to the tips of his toes.

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