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During the baby-welcoming ceremonies in the Jewish tradition the officiant often describes the celebration as the creation of a whole new love. Love that did not exist before and takes nothing away from the love that was in your life and heart before the baby came. Something entirely different. I always think about how true that is–and how powerful, primal those feelings are.

Capturing that love is really why I love doing newborn sessions. I am not so much into the slings and hats and baby posing that some photographers do (although I do think that those photos are super cute), but given the opportunity, I want the family. I want parents so new and so tired that they cannot help but let their love spill out. I want a tiny miracle body with itty bitty chicken legs–the body that you can hardly remember existed even a few weeks later.

This mom bought a gift certificate that I had donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. She was planful. She called before she had the baby to see what would be best. Here is what is best: Call me when she did, before the baby comes, then add me to your email announcement list so that I know the baby arrived. You won’t believe me before the baby comes, but your days will melt away. Since I want to come by in the first week or so, I will call you. We can make a date–that will be the hardest part. After that it is all easy. I won’t rush you through the session–feed, soothe, sleep, spit up, change a dozen diapers, it will all be fine.

This little guy was amazingly chill and awake. He definitely loves where he has landed–between two adults who can only be described as besotted. They can barely keep their hands and their kisses off him–he has a magnetic pull. It is exactly why visiting early is so optimal. They were in the throws of first love. You will see that they are never looking at the camera (FINE with me), they cannot take their eyes off little J.

First, have you seen these? Because they are worth a gander.

But those are only two of the four that make this family fabulous.

We had a bunch of fun–I mean how can you miss on a perfect summer morning on the beach with a spirited family? A was READY, she was the perfect model. She was so anxious to be cooperative that I had to encourage her to talk to me a little, helping her to release a vibrant “real” smile. It really was not hard–especially when she her parents were nearby or chatting with her. Little guy B, he wanted me to work for my money, but with shining eyes and a mischievous grin, it was completely worth the chase. He was a Daddy devotee during the shoot–as you can see by his placement in most of the photos.

This is a family who loves music–so we even shot ourselves an album cover. See if you can identify the inspiration.

Thanks H family, I hope that you love your portraits!

Last weekend I had a great excuse to find myself on Cape Cod for what may end up being the most perfect day of the summer.

One year ago this dad noticed my photos on a friend’s Facebook page. He bookmarked the site and waited for the right time. This summer was that time. We chose a weekend and planned a shoot on the Cape, where this family is lucky enough to have made many summer memories.

But I digress. There are lots of photos to share, but this post is just for one series. One group that grabbed my heart. What is it about fathers and daughters? All at once, I have a million answers and no explanation, but when you capture it on camera the images have to be shared.

And, when she is 50 and she looks at these photos (and they will be around–we build things to last here at Portraits by Lisa), she will smile remembering those summer days and how her dad adored her. As far as I am concerned, that is mission accomplished.

More from this family tomorrow, but for now feast your eyes:

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