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I was so happy to hear from this family who had recently welcomed twins into their family. It is hard to tell who is happier–the super smily blue-eyed babies or the parents who are grinning in literally every frame I shot (and not just the ones that I will use as proofs, ALL of them). You might think that 6 month old infants would leave their parents looking a *tiny* bit tired, but I arrived to perfectly prepped parents and infants being buttoned into their fancy duds. Everyone was fed, happy and ready.

C is one curious little guy. He had a quizzical look on his face most of the time and according to his folks, he was born that way. It is his signature expression. M was ready to explore. She loved attention and stimulation and as soon as we put her down she rolled off to see what else there was to see. And both of them have the deepest blue eyes (a gift from their Mama) and a smattering of hair. They liked looking at my face much more than at the camera in front of it; but that camera allowed me the real joy of capturing how the number of family members had grown exponentially, and so had the happiness. I am so excited to watch these guys grow.

Dare you to keep a straight face while you look at these:

In the past I have not had many families redeem the gift certificates that I have donated to different charities or schools. But not this season–there have been so many calls from families with gift certificates. I am thrilled that the non-profits have been able to earn some money while giving their supporters the best presents ever, memories.

Well, this mom might very well need these photos to remember this time in her life, because with three sons to run after freezing time might be the only way to make sure that she gets clear image of these great faces.

R is the oldest–missing his front teeth, which reminded me–why doesn’t EVERYONE get photos when their teeth are missing? Really, with any luck the kids will sport that look only once in their life, so memorialize it. So cute. You’ll see. He was active, the ring leader for sure, and such a sense of humor! T, the middle guy, is gentle and loving toward his brothers–he saw his camera and immediately ran to get his own. And the little guy, G, he just wants to be able to keep up with the older ones so desperately. They were so sweet with him, including him as much as they could in their games.

Each little guy has his own look–and together they are an adorable, active crew!

NOTE: I have done a few families with three boys, but I cannot remember doing a sitting for a family with [only] three girls. If you are such a family and you are the first to contact me, I will give you a 1/2 price sitting! Be in touch! I would love to photograph your lovelies…

In recognition of Mother’s Day I partnered with the Community Nursery School (CNS) in Lexington to celebrate their families and raise a little money for their new building.

It was an unusual circumstance where the proposal was win-win-win. A win for the school, a win for the families, and fun for me. How cool is that?

And the results, well, they were even better–because the biggest win was for the families. They each got mini-shoots or one hour in-home shoot, depending on their choice, and every one of them ended up with fabulous family portraits. Here is what one mom had to say:

I guess I have to decide where I’m going to hang them and how many to hang. Oy! Is choosing prints something you can help with? I think my favorite family photo is 1438, but I would love to have your thoughts. The individual photos of the kids literally made me catch my breath, and the two of Z (the little guy) are just so perfectly him. Also, the picture of the two boys just about makes me cry. The others are fabulous too, but I think those are my favorites.

and another:

WOW! These are absolutely stunning. We all just saw them now, together, and we’re all thrilled. Amazing!
I cannot thank you enough, M

Although digital cameras have made photos so much more common, family photos are still a rarity. Don’t wait. Book a sitting today, get a family photo–it is an investment you will treasure forever!

Check out some of these beauties:

I will be doing a limited number of fundraising family shoots each year. If your organization would like to find out more, contact me today!

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