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Golden light, a lake, beautiful children, and a loving family. It is a great start. But Wow. It really worked out. This despite floods, a mosquito infestation, and the understandable inability of the family to give me the shot of my dreams since they cannot walk on the water. The water came to us, nearly swallowing the path.

A is an active boy with a face made for the camera. His smile is so winning that photographing him was almost too easy. It was catching him that was a little challenging. But in the end I think that we did alright.

C is a thinker and conversationalist. An older sister who sets the trends for the little guy, and who also enjoys a thrill.

Both kids are in love with their parents who have lots of patience–and who adore this special duo.

This is a family photo was taken on the “aisle” of the parent’s wedding ceremony.

Maybe you noticed that the blog had been a little less active in the early spring….  Well, I have a very good excuse, I was on a big trip to celebrate my big birthday.  First I spent a few days in Paris, then about 9 days each in India and Nepal.  I had Nepal on my top three places to visit list for a bunch of years, so I took the plunge, cashed in all my frequent flyer miles and wound my way to Asia.

I always keep a top three list of places to see. I could expand it to 5 or even 10, I have an acute case of wanderlust, but if I have three choices then when I can save for a vacation I have a limited number of targets to try to knock out. But there is always a new place to add the minute I get one of the three crossed off. Nepal is out now, so the new top three are Antarctica, New Zealand, and Namibia. Just behind are rave reviews from well traveled sources such as the Silk Road in China and Bolivia. It makes me itch just thinking about how I will get there.

I am in the process of finishing up my blog entries for the trip, if you are interested in reading them you can check out my travel blog here.

Editing the photos has been taking a couple weeks, given that there are way over 1200 of them… But I have narrowed it down to a couple of favorites to share. They are from all three countries–but I admit to liking Nepal most of all.

Let me know if you want to see more and I will post a follow up slide show–or like Portraits by Lisa on Facebook to see the rest!

I’ve missed you guys!  I was in Asia for a few weeks (fave photos to follow) and then I had a crazy birthday celebration, and now… I am busy with photo fun.

And, the MOST fun is repeat clients.  Especially when they are this darn adorable.  Do you remember baby H?  Well, she grew up and is even a big sister!  Wait till you see these two little red-heads.  They will melt your heart.

H was an early walker–and now she hardly ever stops running.  Although she does stop short to ask where baby S is.

Big fun with these two–spirited girls, they are what the world needs most.

H last time we met her:

And now:

F o l l o w   M e