Monthly Archives: January 2011

There is a whole lot of joy and astonishment in seeing a new life. I have to admit that I love that.

There is a different kind of fun to be had documenting family relationships and the evolving story of a group of people.

And then there is something that is almost the most fun of all: watching these things over time. It makes my day when I get a call or email from a client whose family I have worked with before saying that they want another shoot to capture their children’s growth.

In this case, a super sweet mom (fun to shoot in her own right), an amazingly patient baby (last time we put her everywhere) and a little surprise–a new baby sister! Now you might think that a mom with two kids under 2 would look, well, at least a little tired. But not this mom, she greeted me with a big hug, showed me the prominent placement of last year’s portraits, and was coiffed, dressed, and ready for this year’s shoot–and the girls were all dressed up too!

C has grown up, sprouted lots of blonde hair, and a few words. She was still pretty patient, though, she even let us put her back in a few of the spots we scouted last year. And she has a soft spot for B. Who is as dark as C is fair. She seems to follow in her sister’s footsteps, though, and tolerated a whole lot of picture taking, offering a grin for many of the images. And, unlike B, she is a baby with loads of hair. Love that.

Below are some of their most favorite shots, as well as a year to year of little C. Next year we can do the same for B. Don’t you just want to squeeze them both? That is another part of my job that I love.

F o l l o w   M e