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I have been lucky enough to photograph this adorable little girl from the time she was just a few months old. She has been a spirited little girl from the start, but now that she has language and mobility on her side she is really quite a force to be reckoned with–in the best possible way. Curious about everything, anxious to do things her way, and unsatisfied with clothes that are not red! And she has these fantastic parents who nurture her independence and buy her lots of red dresses.

We romped around Tufts, wehre her dad is a professor, and a place that she considers part of her kingdom–from what I hear she is a benevolent ruler who excepts bribes (mostly in the form of lollipops and stickers).

You know how some folks were just meant to be parents? And when they finally get to that stage of life you hope so much that they get some super-awesome kids to play with and love. Well, here you have a family just like that. They were lucky to get an instant family. Boy-girl twins whose portraits I have been compulsively editing for a few days. Not because I have to get through so many sessions before the holidays but because I can hardly take my eyes off them.

We had a super fun shoot that included lunch and ended with two tired babies in cribs and fast asleep. In the meantime they were fantastic sports.

Don’t even try to resist. It just is not possible.

We begin with the funniest photo I think I have taken all year…

If you want to see their newborn portraits, click here Portraits by Lisa and like the page–they have an album of 5lb (distant memory) adorable.

Still treading water trying to get the holiday orders and proofs ready, but I ran into another group of adorable folks I needed to share.

These guys had a big year–they added a little brother the family. He will have to get moving fast to keep pace with his exuberant and adorable sister. She showed me all of her best tricks and best places to play. She is the consumate big sister (and three year old), she runs the show while stopping often to give and receive hugs and cuddles. And both of them redefine saucer-eyed, those big brown eyes are unbeatable.

Mom is especially photogenic–a characteristic that does seem somehow innate. Not a bad photo of her in the bunch. And she passed that gene on to her two little guys who just could not be cuter and more ready for their close up.

All together we had a wonderful time, and even managed to snap a few photos of the fun and love.

I am drowning in work, but when you find yourself editing a session and smiling at the screen all the way through, well, you just have to share.

This family is active in every way… Two boys (three if you count Dad) and a million sports, travel, holidays, school, you name it. It was hard for us to find a time to do the shoot, but in the end we–and the lovely warm fall we are having–prevailed.

Working against the antics of the boys and dad was obviously a losing battle in this family, so I just went with it and kept on shooting. And I have to say, I think that the photos show what this family really is–some super-nice people who you just want to hang out with and maybe even horse around.

Even mom, who really tried to be the voice of reason, can be seen sneaking in a few grins at her boys’ “misbehavior.” And, in the end, she must add to the fun because she suggested a piggy back ride for her 6 foot 7 husband.

Just try not to smile:

A while back I put out a call for a family with three girls. I had a few sessions with three boys but never three girls. Well, it took some time, but boy it was worth the wait!

When this mom called I knew we were gonna get along great. She told me that the best photo that she has of her girls reflects REAL LIFE–one being silly, one smiling, and one crying. That is how it is when three munchkins share one roof.

Meet biggest sister A. She was a fabulous model (I could have posted 10 photos of her alone) and a worthy ring leader–hers were always the hands in the photos trying to corral her baby sister or the lips in the photo offering kisses. She and mom share the most amazing green eyes and, although I was in love with black and white for these photos, I had to print hers in color sometimes because she had knee-high PURPLE boots. Swoon.

L is the middle sister–she was a ham and a spitfire. Alternately cracking up and giving me a run for my money. She was also a great solo model. I cannot get enough of the photo of her leaning against the fence.

Baby sister S was having a day. You can see in the family photos that she was the center of attention–there are several in the proofs where all eyes are on her. She totally came around and gave up some incredible looks. In the end she took great portraits, I think that Mom might be surprised.

Then Mom brought out the secret weapon–lollipops! And everyone was stationary for many minutes. Magic lollies I think.

Mom also requested photos of the family’s hands. I love these kind of requests. And you can see that getting to a place where we could get everyone to put a hand in was big fun–leading to some great family photos of their own.

Thank you girls, I have been looking at your beautiful faces all day and had fond memories of getting to know you and felt so grateful to have so many great images to send to your mom and dad!

P.S. The awesome prophoto blog template has added all these fun ways to display images–so I am trying them out, if you have a preference don’t hesitate to let me know!

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