I don’t know how to smile {lexington family photographer}

That is what M told me, “I don’t know how to smile!” But of course,

he knows how to–and how to make funny faces and “crazy eyes” and a million other charming mannerisms. Especially when his parents were nearby to hug. Those were the really special facial expressions.

His little sister A, she was everything that I love in a little girl–she was a strong spirit who knows her mind and does not hesitate to put you in your place. That this day she was of no mind to have her photo taken. We had to sneak around the edges. I remember saying to her mom, “you will be surprised what we get, I promise”–I hope I made good on that pinky swear.

But, as usual it is the photos between the photos that tell the full story. They show M pulling his dad into the photo, A hugging mom for dear life, Mom reading to appreciative kids in an effort to redirect them, and A making sure that her hands were dirty enough as she engaged in her favorite activity of digging in the dirt.

I so appreciated this family’s patience and willingness to go with the flow, even when the tide did not flow toward photos. I think that we caught the love–and the smiles. Turns out, M, you and A both did great!

  • Suzanne - November 17, 2010 - 12:12 pm

    Beautiful! I LOVE that first storytelling shot!

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