growing up great {swampscott family photographer}

Teens are not often the focus of my work. Many of us look back of the photos of this time in our lives and feel gratitude that there is not too much photographic evidence of our teen years. But A’s family wanted a photo for their dining room wall–a photo of their family as they actually look, one that will resemble them for years to come. And A, who is 14, was a very willing participant.

Dad wanted to be finished before the Pats game began (not so tough when no toddlers are involved), but managed to look great in EVERY photo. I mean this man never even blinks. We got him out for kick off. Mom worked with A to keep the show on the road. She was happy to have the chance to show off her close little bunch.

A and I then walked down to the beach for some photo fun. She was such a great subject. So appreciative of the opportunities that she has been given by her family, and very loving toward her parents. She had a vision of how she wanted the photos to look and helped organize. But at the beach we really played. I love the shots of her on the retaining wall–she had the good sense to wear gray, which made the look perfect. Not to mention the big brown eyes and the obvious kindness of this young lady. She is one that her parents can be so proud of…

I have said it before, but take photos throughout your family’s development!! There is no bad age. No silly photo. Memories and history are a record of our existence and how important we are to one another. You will be so happy to have photographic memories. And, later, A’s kids are going to look at these photos of a burgeoning woman that they never knew and be enchanted at this glimpse of her at their age.

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