beauties and the beasties {harvard family photographer}

Children’s age and the number of photos taken of them are inversely correlated in my experience. Remember back to the days of film (if you are old enough to recall) and you will remember that one roll could last the better part of a year. When you took the roll in to be developed there were invariably a few photos that you never anticipated in the prints. Or you would have this Halloween mixed with last Christmas and Easter. Even with digital, the number of good photos of children as they get older definitely dwindles.

But it pays to keep shooting–every year–no matter how many pleas to stop. Because there is a magic time where you can actually see the child disappearing and the young adult emerging. It is like watching the baby become the child. Sometimes it is an awkward metamorphosis. However, NOT in the case of these lovelies.

Their mom was prompted to call by the impending right of passage known as braces. Ugh. I can relate to that un-fun element of growing up, but I think that H is going to weather the storm pretty fantastically. Perfect teeth are only going to add to her adorable appearance. She was a great model, full of enthusiasm and a gentle nature that was evident in the way she dealt with all the animals. Yes, did I mention that this shoot included not only two adorable ‘tweens, but a few horses and goats as well as a exuberant labrador named Lucy? H is fearless–with a serious glimmer in her eyes that shows her spirit.

C is her brother. A little more cautious. A little more serious. A little mischievous. I have a bunch of shots of him biting his lip to the side contemplating the next funny face he would make to cause his mom to groan about getting a few good photos. But bring Lucy or the goats around and the real ease and smiles emerged. He also secretly likes his sister a lot, and, I am sure it would pain her to admit it, but she loves him too. It was all over the photos.

I had such a good time visiting their beautiful homestead on a gorgeous nearly fall day. I think that you will be able to tell. I can see a wall of beautiful images in here, can you?

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