Monthly Archives: August 2010

S’s mom called me. She and S HATED the senior photos taken by the school’s prescribed company. Blue background, unflattering angle, totally generic, overlooked hair mishap, and no evidence that anyone had said a word to put S at ease or make her smile (which, it turns out, is not even a difficult task). A quick glance through the yearbook confirmed that these photos just would not do. I mean, these are your high school mementos people! Take some care. And, S’s mom added, “I just want her to have some photos that she loves from this time in her life.”

S called *right away* when I emailed her. She was itching to put the original photos behind her and create something great. We planned a time and she chose to go to the beautiful campus of Wellesley College. On the appointed day we drove over there with no particular spot in mind. We scoped out a few buildings and randomly drove by the infirmary. At the same moment we both fell for the look of the fire escape. Together we climbed on up and took some shots. It was fun, if a touch scary, sort of how escaping high school is after several years.

Then we set out across campus, caught some scenery and a little rain, and the results were spirited and beautiful photos of a young woman about to escape from one chapter of her life and move into the next. I hope that you love them, S!

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