What comes around goes around

These two cuties are the grandchildren of a good friend of my father’s from high school. I remember their father at this age, and their parents remember me at three too. Cue “the Circle of Life.”

P, who is one and a half, burst into tears as soon as I appeared at the door. She was a sensitive to strangers because her parents were on vacation that week and she was a little unsteady. But it turns out she was a a model model once we got going. She sat right down, exactly where asked, and her gorgeous eyes shone for the camera. After just a few photos she let me pick her up and take her across the street to the cherry blossom tree that was losing its petals. We had fun under the tree looking at the leaves and taking pictures. You can see that she is just beautiful.

N, who is a fantastic three year old, had some of his own ideas for photos. He hammed it up for the camera, and even managed to take some terrific photos when he was try to thwart me by not looking at the camera. One goal of the shoot was to get a photo of N dressed up just like his dad had been for a shoot when he was three. He was a sport and took some great shots with the props provided. Hopefully one will look a lot like his dad’s photo and they will have a great inter-generational composite.

I have to say that I have not seen N and P’s dad since he was a ‘tween, and remember both his little brother’s being N’s age. This really is the joy and agony of growing up!

Here are a few examples of the joys of being young:

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