You might have to indulge me for a moment…

So much time as passed since I saw Stella, so that is what I did for my birthday–run down to D.C. to see her (and her mom and dad). And, my has she grown! The chicken legs are a distant memory, she is flirting with crawling, stranger anxiety is in full swing, she is eating all kinds of food, but remains mostly without hair. You will see that it is creeping over the crown of her head, but it could move just a little faster. Still, babies can totally pull off bald.

All I wanted was to hold and play with her, but she was really only into that when no parent was nearby…as is to be expected at 9 months. I got in the habit of rescuing her from every nap since she loved me best when there were no other options;)We did manage to get in some quality play time, and I broke out the camera. Her dad was never far behind–he is a photography buff (his work can be seen here)–so between us Stella must have thought that the paparazzi had arrived. She remained nonplussed.

Here is the Bean:

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