Bursting with Love

This was a special shoot. Back in the day this mom and I used to travel the country together on business trips far and wide. We never worked in the same city, but she is one of those rare people who make a sincere effort to touch base despite distance and in spite of what is convenient. When we met she was dating her now husband. They got engaged (each one proposed to the other, I have never forgotten that, it seems like a really wonderful way to start a life together), got married and she itched to be a mom. Our business trips had long ended when she called to tell me that she was pregnant. I was so excited for her. When A came, she, characteristically, would occasionally email photos of his cuteness. I loved getting the pictures, watching him grow, and hearing how happy she was with her gentle and kind husband and curly-haired baby.

Even after I left the company we worked at together, through the miracle of Facebook–and her efforts, we have stayed in touch. And she told me that if I ever got to DC to let her know so that we could schedule a shoot. And that is what happened last week. I finally got to meet A, and to see his mom after such a long time. She was as warm and loving as ever and her family reflects all the best qualities of her and her husband’s personalities. A is five now; curious, adventurous and almost as in love with his parents as they are with him. Really, you will see in the photos that this triumvirate is literally bursting at the seams with love.

I love the intertwined hands in the bottom photo…

Have you ever seen two people look more content?

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