Monthly Archives: April 2010

This is the beginning of a new year, and, for me, a very challenging photo project. Starting today, and every day for the next year, I will be taking a self-portrait. This is not an original idea, but one that will require me to get out the camera each and every day and take a photo that documents my year. The purpose of this project, I am discovering even a few days in, is to create a photographic journal of my year. Technical perfection will be on my mind, but more importantly I will push the shutter on each of the photos and be in them in some way. It also did not take me long to realize what I would be buying myself as a birthday gift–a remote shutter release is on the way!

I need to tip my hat to the person who inspired me to do this. Last summer I met the lovely Allyson Sanborn of Sweet Pea Photography while she was in the middle of her 365. I followed it on Facebook, and she completely inspired me with her ingenuity and creative photos. On the day she told me about the project I devised a plan–to do this project myself as I begin to countdown to my next birthday, which is a big one.

I will be posting the full album on Facebook–so be sure to mosey over there and become a fan of Portraits by Lisa to keep track of my progress.

In the meantime I celebrated my birthday with some of my favorite folks–and my best baby goddaughter. Here are the first few photos from the series. They prove that this project will make the memories of this year salient for a long, long time.

This is me and Stella, photos that more clearly show her face are on the way.

This is Stella’s mommy and me. We have been friends for 30 years. And despite all outward appearances, we are not crushing Stella, she is looking for the bottle we took out of her mouth for the photo.

Me in the T doors as I rode home from Logan.

A not particularly attractive photo of me (I suspect this won’t be the last of those) sitting at a committee table just before I chaired my last meeting and stepped down.

Only 361 more photos to go.

Now for a message from my nostalgic self: Do you remember what it was like to be in high school? What senior year was like–that mixture of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and sadness? Impatience for school to end and the freedom of your last high school summer. In reality, I don’t have a lot of love lost for high school, but college… well, those were some great years. So, when I meet seniors, on the cusp of that adventure, it does create some longing.

Last weekend I met up with some seniors–a gang of five girlfriends who wanted some photos. We did some solo shots, but in reality I think that they were most interested in the group shots. And they are adorable. I know how their commentary will go–“you look so good, so much better than me….” But, I think that you will agree, they are all gorgeous. And you can see that they love one another in a way that is difficult to recapture at other times in your life. Enjoy the photos girls, you all look so beautiful. Savor the end of school, graduation, and the summer. [Boy, I sound like an old person.]

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