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W and M are back! I realized that I did not show you all the full extent of the family goodness in this house. We even hit the bathtub for the best light in the house and everyone just rolled with it. Check out the fun family shots:

and I have to give lots of props to Mom and Dad–they kept looking right at me, often it is the parents checking out the kids that compromises the shot and not the kids! Nice work M and A!!

D and I headed to the Wellesley College campus a few days ago. Although it was a bit chilly she powered through like a champ. It was spring break, so campus was quiet, but we did manage to have some adventures. There was a colorful stairwell that we just had to access (door was unlocked, promise). Then there was my bright idea to kick her feet forward on the bike rack. Not such a good idea as it turns out, but, you know, alls well that ends well–the plans that don’t go quite as well as you think that they might always yield the biggest smiles (and the best stories).

The Wellesley greenhouses were open and we took a peek in there and in the chapel (the shoot ended when the people who actually looked like they might want to pray walked in). And then we got some nice portraits just because D has a beautiful smile and gorgeous green eyes. No scenery required.

Thanks for a really fun afternoon, D! I hope that you like the photos!

R was a great sport early this morning as we headed to the muddy fallow farm that caught my eye on the drive. I told her we would just check it out. She was willing to sit in the muck, take a walk into the cattails, and smile all the while. It was a perfect morning, just a little cool, but she called on her old skating resolve to make it through the chill without a single complaint.

After a quick wardrobe change we ran down the road to see what other scenery we could find. Turns out there was another (completely separate from J’s) greenhouse. A very nice older man let us click away as he tended to the flowers. It was nice and warm in there and the light–well, it was like being dropped into a softbox. Pretty dreamy.

Enjoy the spoils of our good time:

Today I had my first ever senior portrait shoot. Lucky for me it was with J, who is clearly a natural. I was so excited about the photos that I just had to post a super sneak peek. We went through 3 outfits and half of the Wellesley College campus snapping away, so there will be more where these came from soon, but you just have to see how GORGEOUS she looked. We had a blast.

Take it away Ms J:

S is back.

S’s mom is a very wise woman. She had told me a long time ago that she would want photos when S turned one. First birthdays are a passage many families want to mark with photos. A few weeks later, she called me back. “What am I waiting for? She is so cute right now!” Although birthday photos are still a goal, really why wait? One year old is great, an important milestone, but all of these precious first months are so full of changes and growth, they are worth capturing.

And what a great little one S is. She has completely disarmed her parents who are so obviously in love it makes me smile just to be around all that love. If you look around my website and through this blog you will find that I am interested in capturing not only a wonderful portrait of your family, but also in the connections among you. When I go to a sitting appointment I tell people to “do what they usually do.” Kiss the baby. Throw her in the air. Feed her. Sit as you would on the couch. Does the baby like her room? Your bed? Let’s go there. And, while I can look for hours at a beautiful portrait, often I love the frames that come between the poses. When the someone is consoling the baby or playing with her or giving her a hug.

With S we got both, some beautiful portraits and some touching frames of this family’s connection. You will remember just what it was like to watch your first baby grow when you see these:

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