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This week I was lucky enough to attend Inspire Boston. The amazing Graziers spearheaded the organization of the conference for photographers from around New England. Lots of others helped too, but since I don’t know who they all were, I won’t start an incomplete list.

The conference included great opportunities for networking with other photographers (a special thanks to Krista, Stephanie, Tabitha, and Helen for their great help to me), awesome talks on technical topics and ideas to ponder–if you want to be inspired, check out Eric Laurits’s video.

And, of course, we shot some too. Most of the folks there do weddings–I don’t, but when they put such a fun model in front of you, well, you can’t help but shoot some portraits. This is Holly, Matt Grazier liked her look and gave her a card on the T. Little did she know….

And, if it was not bad enough that it was FREEZING–look at what Holly was dealing with (like a pro I might add!):

IMPORTANT NOTE: I can definitely still shoot despite the small setback described below!

For those of you paying attention, I have not abandoned my 100 frames project–I just had a slight issue:

Tendinitis, in my dominant (read: camera-carrying) thumb! This is my new and improved brace, which actually lets me use the camera. But, I had to save the strength for the paying gigs (more on these posted soon) and lay off the fun shooting for a few weeks. Plus, the splint is removable, so really I can do anything, but should wear it as much as possible in order to decrease my recovery time.

I had started a new 100 frames, of my friend David. He volunteered, I promise. So here is a preview (we need to arrange a photo shoot to complete the project) and another shot I took out to breakfast with David, his wife and another friend. I thought it encapsulated our 1 hour wait pretty well.

Spring shoots are starting to fill, so book soon! It is definitely not too early to start thinking about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!

Last week I spent an extended period of time with S. She is about 7 1/2 months old and as sweet as they come. As far as I can tell she never cries and better than that, whenever you make eye contact with her she breaks out into the full-face smile. You know the kind–the one only babies seem to have–that completely changes how they look. A smile that not only that involves their mouth and eyes, but also their forehead, chin, even some neck strain. S sits but does not yet crawl, she loves balls, has no teeth (but lots of drool), and reaches up for you when you put her down. She was a pure joy to hang out with and I am looking forward to some family photos in time for her first birthday celebrations.

Warning: you are gonna want to pinch these cheeks!

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